Saturday, August 30, 2008

sleepless friday

I never had a minute sleep last friday. I woke up five thirty in the morning to get ready for office. The whole day, I worked like a slave, I even spent my breaktime doing reports in order to meet the deadline. It was a great relief for me when i finished everything before the day ends. After a very long day, I went to Glorietta to meet my cousins and have dinner. Its been two months since I last saw them. There's lots of stories to tell, things to catch up. We agreed to meet by 7 in the evening, but they arrived half past seven and worst, one of them arrived 8:30.
We had our dinner at the restaurant near my place, Giligans. Prior to that, my fiance and i went to wine store to buy some brandy and red wine, just in case the group decided to spend the rest of the night together at my apartment. That was the first time my fiance will meet my cousins. Im a bit nervous, but its good thing that everthing went smoothly. We had a sumptous dinner. As expected, the group decided to spend the rest of the night at my apartment over a bottle of brandy and wine. We had a good conversation. Everyone had a great time that we didn't notice its almost dawn.

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