Saturday, August 9, 2008

trip to japan

Last June I went to Japan for a Kick-Off Meeting for our new project. During weekend i got the chance to visit places. Let me share with you some of my photos.

Ueno park is so big that it took me hours to finish the roaming around. I enjoyed looking all over the place, i even visited Ueno Zoo! I was amazed when i saw the flamingos, polar bear, seal, red head panda and penguins.
After two hours of walking, i took a rest at the base of this Giant Man-made tree in Ueno Park in Tokyo. I was so tired, but its all worth it.

Tokyo Tower before sunset. This photo is not edited. Maybe, i really had a knack in photography. One hobby at i want to pursue in the future.

At 333 m tall, with viewing deck at 150 m, i could see Tokyo 360 degrees. The view was spectacular. The place was so romantic. A must see for every tourist in Tokyo.

till next and let live!

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anneV said...

cool! i hope to go to japan one day. just stay there for some days and visit some pretty amazing spots.