Friday, August 22, 2008

rebar detailing

For the past two weeks now, my office mate Jonell & I were eying for an extra job to be given by our former engineering manager. We were elated upon receiving a message from him since he's a very respected man in our company due to his integrity and high technical and engineering capabilities. His recommendation boasted our morale and self confidence.
The scope of work will be reinforcing bar detailing. Manually, it could be done using Autocad and Excel. Big rebar detailing company use Shear97. Rebar detailing is a very tedious work. It requires patience, keen analysis and attention to detail. The client usually gives the basic drawing and project specification. This basic drawing includes the elevations, plans and section of the structures. The specification serves as a bible in preparation of the detail since all bends, hooks, laps and splice are indicated there. It also contains the codes used such as ACI, BSI,, depending on the location of the project. The finished product is often referred to as Bar Bending Schedule, sometimes it is also called Site Cutting List.
Currently i had a three solid years of experience in rebar detailing and i am accepting freelance job, just leave a message in my cbox and i am very much willing to further discuss rebar detailing with you.
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