Thursday, August 14, 2008

one of the best guy i've ever known.. of best guys I've ever of the best man in my dear brother.
Barely 7 months ago, a very unexpected thing happened. I was busy working in the office when i received a call from my youngest brother informing me that Dennis had a vehicular accident. At first, i thought it was just a minor accident, because i know that he was a very cautious driver. When i asked how's the condition, Chan told me that he's still in the emergency room, so i continued working. Then after 15 minutes, my cousin called me again, asking if i could go back to Batangas.. I began to tremble. I cant explain my feeling, i know something is terrible wrong. At first i didn't cry. I tried to be calm as much as possible, but when they told me that he's in ICU and is in coma, the world began to crumble. i cried so hard, my body trembled, it seemed that a pail of cold water was thrown to me. Still, i asked what's wrong, then i received the news that i never thought i will, he had a multiple fracture in skull. I began to cry bucket of tears, because that news meant that its quite impossible to him to survive...I never made it to the hospital to see him alive. He joined the creators hand barely 4 hours after the accident...30 minutes before i arrived. It was the most painful thing that I've ever went through...
Memories rushed through my mind..He was a very responsible guy..a very sweet guy...a funny guy...there's no dull moment when he's around. I wont be where i am now if he didn't help me. He sacrificed so many things for the point that he stopped his studies so that i could pursue mine because during that time my dad lost his job. From then on, i promised to myself that I'll do everything to reciprocate all that he has done for me, but that chance that was given to me was so short.
His daughter, Alyssa is only 3 weeks old when he passed away. I felt pity for his little angel..she was not given the chance to see, and bond with her dad..although we promise to be with his daughter no matter what happened the presence of her dad is irreplaceable.
I still miss him to this day. I still cry for his untimely demise. I wish he's still with us..laughing, living...enjoying life the fullest.

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