Saturday, August 9, 2008

till we bite the dust

We're total strangers, traveling on paralleled crossroads. I was alone and so you were, both were unsure of what road to take, dreading where life would lead. We were neither friends nor foes, just two individual, walking in seemed to be endless road, searching for unfeigned meaning of existence.

Incognizant, every step that we took directed us closer to each other. You presented yourself politely that left me no choice but to respond in the same way. Time flew so fast that we didn't realize how far we got. Though thousand miles apart, our hearts knew no distance. You became my refuge and I was yours. Our friendship intensified. My heart that was in slumber slowly woke up. The doors that I kept closed showed modest openings. The impenetrable walls of hate, fear and towering standards began to crumble. I was falling, and so you were, like a freely falling body, like the last dry leaf falling from the bough. We resisted but like the pull of gravity on freely falling body, our resistance did nothing, instead the feelings became intense. We were inseparable, discovering this wonderful feeling of love and being loved, unraveling the mysteries of life that lies ahead. We were walking on cloud nine.

Somehow, not everything was sugarcoated, not every road was smoothly paved. Soon enough, after half past year, we had petty disagreements and the fear of slowly drifting away began. But at the end of the day, it was comforting to know that we wanted to nip it in the bud.

At some point we maybe at sixes and sevens, we still have bones to pick, but it is clear to us that we still want to share the rest of our life together, till we bite the dust.

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