Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the colors of spring

lets stop and smell the flowers..admire God's wonderful creation. be delighted with the colors of spring....

while walking around the streets of Tokyo, my fiancé took this photo. actually, this was located at the back side of the fence.

violets and blue..hues that were made for me and you.

i rarely see blue flowers. whenever i saw one, i made sure that i captured its beauty just like what i did with this one.

so simple yet so elegant.. so delicate yet so strong.. that's how i see this flower, somehow, i want it to represent me.

violet/purple is a symbol of of my favorite so relaxing..

hope you enjoyed veiwing my pix...the resolution of this pix were not edited and this was the first time it was published...i'll be posting more in the coming days.
till next and let live..enjoy life to the fullest!

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