Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Week of Nihongo Class

My Nihongo class started a week ago. Alice san replaced our previous sensei Mojica san. Their approach in teaching was different but both very good in the language. I began to appreciate Nihongo more, though after the class i felt so tired.
Our topic last week was about simple conversation and counting. By the way, conversation in Nihongo is kaiwa. My tongue got twisted while talking in Nihongo. I buckled several times and said Moichido Onegaishimasu meaning please repeat (hehe..this was my favorite line). We were asked to have conversation with my fellow students in Nihongo given the situation that we were in a Japanese store to buy something. One acted as a store crew and the other was a costumer. Here's a sample of a simple kaiwa.
Store Crew: Irasyaimase.
Costumer: Ookii ringo o futatsu kudasai.
Store Crew: Kashikomarimasita.
Irasyaimase - meaning welcome. usually heard upon entering Japanese stores.
Ookii ringo o futatsu kudasai -Please give me two big apples.
Kashikomarimasita - I understand.
Another topic was about counting. Honestly, counting in Japanese for me seemed to be a little complicated. Why did i said so? Well, Nihongo had different counters for different item. For example they had different counter for persons, long slender objects, thin/flat objects, small round objects, small animals, books and binded materials. For example, if I'm referring to one person, the counter will be Hitori, if I'm counting one pencil that will be Ippon Empitsu, one letter should me ichimai tegami, one book should be issatsu hon.

Tomorrow, I'll be having a quiz. If i got a perfect score tomorrow, I'll have an incentive. I hope to get one. Gambari Mashou.
Till next and let live....enjoy life to the fullest!

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