Friday, September 19, 2008


When we were teenagers, the question about love was the most exciting part to answer in slum books and it remains a topic that creates giggles and shrieks whenever friends talk about it?

But do we really know what love is? Can we clearly define it? Do we really understand its depths and everything thing that goes with it?

We often mistake it for a crush, an infatuation or sometimes, even joy and excitement that we felt in companionship. Sometimes, we think it's a feeling that we have when our heart continues to pound hard when we have a close encounter with that special person or when our knees start to tremble and begin to feel weak. To love is a decision. That's how i believe it.

At the initial stage of love, somehow it you may think that how can you tell that he or she won't feel the same way for the next person who comes along? Or how sure are you that he or she loves you on the same way? Also in this initial stage, you'll feel the sweetness, the care, the thoughfulness. There' s this feeling of happiness and those sweet nothings that you wish to be there forever. But there are harsh realities of love. After months..years had past, the intensity of sweeteness, the thoughfulness slowly fades away. And that is why Love is not just a feeling, it's also a decision. Feeling alone is something that floats in the air, something you cannot touch or sometimes hard to comprehend and it fades away. Love, when it's a decision makes it a commitment. You may think and feel that you could fall inlove over and over again but when you decide to fall inlove with that single person in your life, you decide to be with that person for the rest of you life no matter how many better persons comes along, regardless if that person has a annoying habit.

When you turn your back on that decision, it means you were not really in love in the first place. Love never fades, it stand still when all else had fall. It is something you stand up for and fight for -- no matter what, because its your decision.

Some said that saying "I love you" is easy but they never got to live in its true meaning. Saying I Love You means that there are many consequences after that. Are we ready to face that? Are we still willing to say I Love you after the tough time? After a harsh word? After our partner did something wrong? After we see all those annoying traits and habbits that are hidden before?

Saying "I love you" is a major decision in one's life. Those words should be sacred, should be kept in your heart until you are ready to commit, to fight for that feeling and to stand by those words. Yes, it is a decision to commit, it is a decision to love.

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