Monday, October 6, 2008


I was so busy the past weeks. I hardly had time to open my blog and visit other blogs too. Work became more challenging since I got promoted recently from being Sublead of Civil & Structure Group to being Assistant Group Leader. To give a brief idea, Engineering Department had four groups namely, Civil & Structure Group, Facilities Group, Piping Group and Mechanical Group each headed by a a Group Leader, then Assistance Group Leader. That only means that I'm need one more step till I reach the highest position in the group and a better chance to be one of the candidate for the highest position in the department.

In addition to that, I had lots of trainings and seminars to attend to. I had to improve more, so that I can prove to our management that I really deserve that promotion. But as promotion came, professional jealousy also came, which I know is inevitable in the office, I have have to let it pass, since I'm confident that i reached that position through hard work and good work performance. My career journey is still a long way ahead. There are lots of things to prove, so much knowledge to gain, lots of skills to enhance, many engineering software to master. I have to take one step at a time, and enjoy every step of it.

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