Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pinoy Wedding Facts & Trivia

Two months had passed after my fiancé propose, we haven’t prepared anything yet for our wedding next year. We’ve attended a wedding congress last July 26, but after that, due to our busy work schedules, the preparation was put on hold. As I was browsing the handouts given, I came across with Pinoy Wedding Facts and Trivias. So for you guys who are planning to get married, try considering these.
  • Wedding expenses are traditionally paid for by the groom’s family, unlike in some western cultures. It normally follows that who ever foots the bill higher will have the say on the size of the wedding. This day, more couples give their share of hard earned savings.
  • It was a tradition that the bride to hold the heirloom rosary with the bridal bouquet during the nuptial mass. Some modern brides still do inorder to honor their Catholic Heritage and respect to solemn occasion.
  • A Catholic wedding ceremony is held with a full mass that runs for about an hour.
  • Aside from giving of rings, the giving of arrhae/arras (earnest money symbolized by 13 pieces of silver & gold coins) as part of Filipino wedding.
  • Most Filipina brides prefer a custom made wedding gown than buying them ready-made or off-the-rack.
  • The most popular month for church wedding in the Philippines is December and spills over the month of January.
  • Traditionally, wedding invitations have an insert page that bears all the names and roles of the bridal party. Reception cards are not popular in the Philippines as wedding invites connotes an invitation to the banquet as well.
  • Aside from bridesmaid and groomsmen, there are also three wedding attendant who assist in the wedding candle, veil and cord rituals held during the Nuptial Mass. The Candle Sponsors light the wedding candles placed on both sides of the altar. The flame of the candle symbolized God’s presence in the union. The Veil Sponsors drape and pin the veil (a long white tulle) on the groom’s shoulder and the brides head. This symbolizes the union of two people ‘clothe as one’. Lastly, the Cord Sponsor stand up with the cord (a silken rope, a string of flowers, or links of coins) in form of figure eight, placing each loop loosely around the neck/shoulder are of the couple symbolizing infinite bond of marriage.
  • Soon to wed do not arrive at the ceremony venue at the same time. The groom is expected to arrive earlier the set time of wedding to receive guest. The bride on the other hand, usually stay in the bridal car and alights only the vehicle just in time for her biridal march.
  • Newlyweds release a pair of white doves to signify peaceful and harmonious marital relationship.
    (credits: Weddings@Works)

So long. Next time I’ll be sharing Philippine Wedding Folklore and Superstition.

Live and let live...enjoy life to the fulest.

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