Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pinoy Wedding Folklore & Superstitions

In this day and age, still many Filipinos cling to several Wedding Folklores and Superstitions. We adhere to those beliefs because of our “there’s-nothing-to lose-if-we-comply” attitude. Some chose to ignore because those beliefs sound ridiculous and have no scientific or logical basis. Some of those are mere excuse for the mishaps during the big day. Let me share with you some of those superstitions.

Before the Wedding
  • Never clean the table while someone is still eating because that person will never be able to get married.
  • Soon to weds are prone to accidents as their wedding day approaches. They must avoid travelling long distance before the wedding day.
  • A bride should not try on her wedding dress before the big day or it will not push through.
  • It is considered bad luck if siblings got married on the same year. It is locally known as “sukob” or sharing of luck.

During Wedding Ceremony

  • The groom who sit down before the bride does will become “under –de-saya”(henpecked husband).
  • If a brides monthly period falls on the wedding day, they will be blessed with many children.
  • A spouse will be submissive to his or her partner if the wedding candle on his/her side is lit last.
  • Throw rice confetti on the newlyweds o that they will prosper in all their lives.
  • The more the food at the reception, the more bountiful blessings the marriage will receive.
  • Dropping the wedding ring, veil or cord will cause unhappiness to the couple.
  • The groom must arrive at the church before the bride to avoid bad luck.

Here are some contradictory beliefs and superstition.

  • Couples must offer eggs to Sta. Clara in order to have a good weather during wedding day.
  • A downpour during the wedding will bring prosperity and marital bliss. (So why offer eggs to Sta. Clara)
  • A bride who wears pearl during their wedding day will be miserable since those gems are considered “tears” of the oyster.
  • A bride who wears pearl on their wedding day will never become a miserable wife as the pearl s represent the tears she could potentially shed during the marriage. (Whew! I’m confused now on what to believe.

Till next time. Hope you learn something here. Its up to you guys if you'll follow it.

Live and let live….enjoy life to the fullest.

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