Friday, October 17, 2008

Letter to Dennis (101808)

Dear Dennis,

Hi, how are you doing up there? Its been 10 months since you left us. Honestly, coping with it was hard. To this day, i still cry whenever i remember you. I miss you so much, in fact, the family miss you so much. Our house was not as lively as before, our lives were changed forever.

Christmas is fast approaching, is Santa Claus busy preparing gifts for good people? hehehehe... Kidding aside, your daughter's birthday is fast approaching. We're going to celebrate it in our house just like her baptism. Ching's family will come over. Your daughter is really beautiful and funny...just like you. She's also noisy. As a matter of fact, she totally resembles you. I'm pretty sure that if you are still here, you'll be very proud of her. By the way, she already had seven teeth and could start walking.

Dale was promoted recently as Asst. Manager. I know you're very proud of him in the same way that we are. Chan is in his 3rd year. Two more years to go and he'll be a engineer like me. I recently got promoted too. Mom is fine and so with dad. Ei, good news, we notice some slight changes to dad..hope it will continue.

You know what, Bebong asked me how did i feel if you're "nagpaparamdam". I told him that i smell the essence of alcohol...just like what we smell in the hospitals. He told me that he smelled that last Tuesday in their house. That was the time when i was sick. Is it true? "Nagparamdam ka sa kanya?". I told him that its you, reminding him to take care of me.

Till next time. I'll be updating you about our lives. Always remember that we really love you. Though you're not here with us anymore, your memories will linger. You will always be in our hearts. I love you bro.

Loves you,

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