Friday, October 24, 2008

Poor Health Condition

October was a very poor month for me in terms of health. I was sick for two consecutive weeks. Last week I have a severe case of diarrhea which resulted to low level of potassium in the body. During that time, i could hardly lift my arms. The doctor said that its the effect of that. It could also be fatal coz it could lead to heart failure. Good thing i was able to eat banana during that time, a food rich in potassium. Then last night, i was rushed to emergency room of Makati Medical Center. I woke up with severe headache, pain in my neck and chest, as well as numbness in my arms and legs. I felt so nervous. I had ECG and X-ray on my neck last night to see if i had narrowing blood vessel. I'm thankful that my heart is fine. It was found out that my neck was not in its proper curvature, maybe it was caused by tightening of muscles around my neck. The chest pain was costocondritis. I was given pain reliever thru IV. Gosh, it was so painful, i cried when it was injected in me. But after two hours of staying in the emergency room, i was discharged. The pain was almost gone, but the doctor told me that it might come back after six hours since the effect of injected medicine will be gone. I was given a medicine to take twice a day and i have to take a rest for two three days.

It was so hard getting sick and every time i was sick, I value good health more. So lets take care of our health because health is wealth.


Joy-Anne said...

I would be just like you very nervous if i have to be rushed to the emergency room. i hope you are always in good health. take care.

jane said...

naku ang hirap talaga ang may sakit. dapat nga talaga we value health more than wealth eh kaso minsan kailangan talagang mag trabaho ng more than the maximum time to work kasi madami dependents. hay naku. wish you good health na lang palagi ate jazz